Spend management realization

With our global service network, SSI will provide support in various ways according to your needs, and realize your global optimal spend management, strategic organization and purchasing together, starting with cost reduction opportunity identification, global sourcing execution, spend management/ e-sourcing/ e-procurement/ e-invoice management solution implementation to building a global optimal sourcing/purchasing organization.

The below are examples of our best global spend management/ strategic sourcing/ purchasing realization service cases

Global restaurant chain - Designing to-be model and system infrastructure for sourcing and purchasing of building materials for stores

Designing to-be model and system infrastructure for sourcing and purchasing of building materials for new stores and repairs of existing stores.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers - Spend analysis and cost reduction roadmaps for indirect spends

SSI conducted spend analysis, identified cost reduction opportunities and created cost reduction roadmaps for indirect spends including advertising printing, vehicle management such as auto leasing, temporary staffs, courier service, cleanings, repairs, and staff trainings etc. The identified cost reduction opportunities are more than JPY 500 million/year even in a realistic scenario.

Petroleum development companies - Designing procedures and creating procedure manuals for Budget formulation/ management - Approval - Requisition - Procurement - Bid - Order - Acceptance - Payment processes

We designed procedures and created procedure manuals from the budget formulation and management process to approval, requisition, procurement, bid, order, acceptance, and payment process.

Global beverage manufacturer - Raw materials sourcing strategy, process, evaluation of existing business partners and identifying improvement opportunities

Diagnosed down to the cost drivers on quotes and identified cost reduction opportunities by categories. The cost reduction opportunities recognized by the client had exceeded 10%

Daily necessities manufacturer - Identifying cost reduction opportunities for direct materials

The customer was considering cost reduction by negotiating with existing suppliers for raw materials and packaging materials, but we clarified that the major issue had lain in the product development process, and led the client to tackle engineering buy.


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