Spend management outsourcing

Companies arrived in Japan have discovered how difficult to build a proactive spend management, strategic sourcing and/or effective procurement functions, and to find right human resources for it here. When you finally find adequate personnel, then most of them are overpriced because they know that it is difficult for you to find bilingual buyers in Japan. At that time, you also find Japanese employees are well protected by the Japanese law and difficult to replace under-performing staffs because of their low performances. At last, you find personnel, still the most of your efforts have not brought anticipated results because of following reasons:

  • Professional buyers with spend management and strategic sourcing knowledge are very scarce in Japan since Japanese companies does not recognize importance of spend management and strategic sourcing, and do not invest in nor train procurement staff properly
  • With bilingual requirement, your talent market becomes much narrower
  • Hiring itself cost you for recruitment, training and retention. There are always with risks of mismatch, selection failure or early job hopping. Mis-selections are fatal because they are well protected by the Japanese law and you cannot replace them because of their poor performances
  • Launching and managing spend management and strategic sourcing function are different from executing them. Even you found professional buyers, not many of them have experience of launching or managing the function
  • Unfortunately, spend management and strategic sourcing technologies, such as eRFx, auction and optimization are not prevalent here in Japan yet. Know-how and knowledge on spend management, strategic sourcing and procurement techniques are not developed and well organized yet here. Only a few professional organizations can provide adequate training of updated spend management, sourcing and procurement knowledge and skills

We provide management outsourcing service for spend management, strategic sourcing and procurement function by sourcing professionals in order for you to overcome those challenges. Our service will significantly reduce risks and your time and efforts of hiring, training, managing and retaining for having your own resource.

With our service, our sourcing and procurement professionals will manage your spends from designs of organization and information infrastructure for spend management, strategic sourcing and procurement to daily purchasing governance. The scope of outsourcing will be flexible according to your needs, such as by specified spend categories or by sourcing events.

Therefore, we provide different forms of management services: (1) From setting up of strategic sourcing function to its daily operation management (2) Managing spends by specified categories (3) Execution of individual sourcing events, (4) global assignments with our global service network of China, Asia, the United States, Europe, Central and South America.

Specialties of our service

①Experiences and know-how in launching and managing spend management, strategic sourcing function for clients and knowledge on processes, technologies and techniques of them

We are one of few professional companies, specialized in management of spend, sourcing, procurement and SCM function in Japan.  We are one of thought leaders in this arena here. Our staffs have abundant experience in launching and managing spend management, strategic sourcing, procurement and SCM function for clients. Below are handling categories by our professional network.

Spend category experiences

Services / Consignment
  • Waste Disposal
  • Security, Janitor
  • Call Center
  • EMS, Manufacturing
  • Web Design
  • Mgmt. Consulting


  • Printings
  • IT Hardware, Software
  • Fixture and Furniture
  • Copy Lease
  • Auto Lease
  • Temporary Staff


Raw Materials
  • Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Agricultural Products
  • Sugar


  • 3PL
  • Truck Load
  • Door-to-Door Parcel
  • Ocean
  • Air
  • Custom Clearance


  • Construction Materials
  • Building Work
  • Interior Finish
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mending


  • Electronic Components
  • Mechanical Components
  • Resin Molded Parts


  • Constructions Materials
  • Building Work
  • Interior Finish
  • Air conditioning
  • Mending


②From designs of management, processes and infrastructure to daily strategic sourcing and spend management

Our specialties are not providing temporary staffs for non-value adding works but providing professional capabilities of designing management, processes and infrastructure for spend management, sourcing, procurement and SCM functions and executing strategic sourcing, spend and supply chain management. Utilizing these specialties, we flexibly scope our outsourcing service corresponding to your needs.

③No binding to an infrastructure. On-demand scope, talents and infrastructure

Our strength comes from not by holding assets but by developing, accumulating and deploying know-how and knowledge. We are independent from any IT vendors and able to recommend the best fit solutions if necessary. As for professional staffs, we don't hold all of them internally but leverage independent contractors by procurement categories. We flexibly form a right team of talents to meet your needs and sourcing categories. Thus, we don't charge any infrastructure cost, if you don't need it or you have your own. If you have built your infrastructure already, we design the best spend management, sourcing and procurement process, utilizing your existing infrastructure.

④Provide both Residential and Non-residential service

Our flexibility allows to meet your requirement of both residential service, such as for focusing spend management for a certain category, and non-residential service, such as for focusing strategic sourcing.

Here are some examples of our spend management/ strategic sourcing/ procurement management outsourcing services.

Please contact us, if you have any questions or inquiries on our spend management/strategic sourcing/SCM outsourcing services.

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