Our wide spectrum of management know-how and solutions on spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing process BPR, and a global sourcing network covering China, Asia, the United States, Europe, Central and South America enable you to realize "your best global spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing" with our following professional services: 1) spend management/strategic sourcing/procurement management outsourcing, 2) spend management/sourcing/procurement/SCM solution implementations, and 3) best global spend management/strategic sourcing/purchasing realization, and 4) Japan market entry and penetration. By establishing your best global spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing management, you will minimize your total cost of ownership, while assuring qualities and stabilities of goods and services sourced, and increasing speed, efficiency, and transparency of your sourcing cycle significantly, in order for you to assure global competitiveness and to increase your corporate value.

As a strategic partner and a part of your function for CPOs (Chief Procurement Officers) and sourcing/procurement/purchasing/SCM departments, Samurai Sourcing (SSI) provides extensive spend management, strategic sourcing and SCM (supply chain management) expertise and hands-on services in sourcing events, spend/procurement/purchasing management outsourcing, consulting and system implementation for both direct and indirect spends including raw materials, components, mass production items, MROs, manufacturing consignment, IT, marketing, corporate services, truckloads, ocean freights, 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and as such.


Spend management/ strategic sourcing/ procurement management outsourcing

Our sourcing and procurement professionals will manage your spends from organization and information infrastructure designs, spend management, strategic sourcing to daily purchasing governance. The scope of outsourcing will be flexible according to your needs, such as by specified spend categories or by sourcing events. We also handle global projects with our global service network of China, Asia, the United States, Europe, Central and South America.

Spend management/ sourcing/ procurement/ SCM solution implementations

With our extensive know-how on spend management, strategic sourcing, spend control, business transformation, Japanese culture and market practices, we select and implement spending management, sourcing, procurement, and SCM solutions such as spending analysis, reverse auctions, catalog purchasing, and supply chain modeling.

Best global spend management/ strategic sourcing/ purchasing realization

With our global service network, SSI will provide support in various ways according to your needs, and realize your global optimal spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing with you, starting with cost reduction opportunity identification, global sourcing execution, spend management/ e-sourcing/ e-procurement/ e-invoice management solution implementation to building a global optimal sourcing/ purchasing/ SCM organization.

Japan market entry and penetration

SSI will assist for developing market entry and penetration strategy, setting up operating functions and executing entry/penetration strategy including developing supplier networks and supply chain partners, as did for our clients with deep knowledge of Japanese market both in BtoB and BtoC, and live network with leading corporations in various industries and corporate services.

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