As a professional spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing management service company, we, Samurai Sourcing (SSI), has a unique presence in Japan. Though Japan is one of the world largest markets, it is a very tough market to enter for non-Japanese companies without overcoming unique and severe Japanese quality, price and cultural requirements.

One of our missions is driving Japanese organizations to the top level in their spend, procurement, purchasing and supply chain managements. To fulfill this mission, we focus on service developments which will fill the gaps between advanced technologies and operational realities, and between global management and Japan local culture and constraints.

Thus, our technology strategy focuses on partnership with advanced technology companies, not development by ourselves and we always look for partnership opportunities with spend, procurement, purchasing and supply chain management technology companies. Especially, we are interested in technology companies below:

  • Spend management solutions
  • Strategic sourcing solutions
  • Purchasing management solutions
  • Supply chain design and optimization solutions
  • Supply chain management solutions
  • Supply chain risk management solutions


Please contact us, If you want to learn more about market entry opportunities in Japan with SSI.

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