"Realizing your best global spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing"

Our wide spectrum of management know-how and solutions on spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing process transformation, and a global sourcing network covering China, Asia, the United States, Europe, Central and South America enable you to realize "your best global spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing" with our following professional services: 1) spend management/ strategic sourcing/ procurement management outsourcing, 2) spend management/ sourcing/ procurement/ SCM solution implementations, 3) best global spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing realization, and 4) Japan market entry and penetration. By establishing your best global spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing management, you will minimize your total cost of ownership, while assuring qualities and stabilities of goods and services sourced, and increasing speed, efficiency, and transparency of your sourcing cycle significantly, in order for you to assure global competitiveness and to increase your corporate value.

As a strategic partner and a part of your function for CPOs (Chief Procurement Officers) and sourcing/ procurement/ purchasing/ SCM departments, Samurai Sourcing (SSI) provides extensive spend management, strategic sourcing and SCM (supply chain management) expertise and hands-on services in sourcing events, spend management/ procurement/ purchasing management outsourcing, consulting and system implementation for both direct and indirect spends including raw materials, components, mass production items, MROs, manufacturing consignment, IT, marketing, corporate services, truckloads, ocean freights, 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and as such.

We also helped numbers of global companies to penetrate in the Japan market with building their supply chain network. Due to the language and cultural difference barriers, non-Japanese companies have huge challenges in finding right suppliers and supply chain partners. We assist our clients with by sourcing on behalf of them and/or building local strategic sourcing functions for developing excellent supplier networks and supply chain partners.

Management concepts supporting continuous improvement of your organizational sourcing and procurement capabilities, are already developed including "Spend Management", "Strategic Sourcing", and "Category Management" as such. Sourcing and procurement solutions and services for specific needs and challenges, such as catalog purchasing systems, eRFx, reverse auctions, and e-marketplaces are in place for years. However, they are not adopted in your Japanese facilities no matter how good they are because these concepts and technologies are not provided in the context of Japanese culture and business customs, their business strategies and actual operations.

As a "professional management service company for spending management, sourcing and purchasing operations", we fill the gap among different cultures and market practices, technologies and reality, will realize "your best global spend management, strategic sourcing and purchasing," and raise your sourcing and procurement function to professional level.

Management Team

Founder & CEO: Kay Nakanomori
Mr. Nakanomori had been responsible for CombineNet's Japan operation in 2006, and in the end of 2007 he founded Samurai Sourcing, Inc. in order to accelerate CombineNet's business in Japan by fasten business decisions and increasing responsiveness to Japanese customers' needs with wider sourcing and SCM (Supply Chain Management) solutions and services. His former positions were CEO of a boutique consulting company, specialized in sourcing and purchasing arena, GE group, Ernest&Young Japan and Mitsubishi Corporation. He specializes in sourcing, purchasing and SCM related process improvement and BPR, project management, designing and managing operational divisions, developing and executing business strategies and plans, and localizing software, services and processes. He earns an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin McCombs Business School MBA. He is a 4th Graduate of Entrepreneurship School held by Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)

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