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Outsourcing of Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing Function

Companies arrived in Japan have discovered that how difficult to build a strategic procurement function and to find right human resources for it here. When you finally find adequate personnel, then most of them are overpriced because they know that it is difficult for you to find bilingual buyers in Japan. At last, you find personnel, still the most of your efforts have not brought anticipated results because of following reasons:

【Issues in building strategic procurement function in Japan】
Issues in building strategic procurement function in Japan

We provide outsourcing service for strategic sourcing and procurement function by sourcing professionals in order for you to overcome there challenges. Our service will significantly reduce cost of resources by 30%, not including compensation and training cost reductions and also risk of failure in launching and managing strategic sourcing and procurement function.

■ Specialties of our service

①Experiences and know-how in launching and managing strategic sourcing function for clients and knowledge on processes, technologies and techniques of sourcing and procurement

We are one of few professional companies, specialized in management of sourcing and procurement function.  Our core competence is development, accumulation and deployment of know-how and knowledge on strategic sourcing and procurement management, processes, technologies and techniques. We are one of thought leaders in this arena here. Our staff has abundant experience in launching and managing strategic sourcing function for clients. Below are sourced categories by our professional network.

Sourced categories by our professional network

②From designs of management, processes and infrastructure to strategic sourcing and spend management
Our specialties are not providing temporary staffs for non-value adding works but providing professional capabilities of designing management, processes and infrastructure for sourcing and procurement function and managing and executing strategic sourcing and spend management. Utilizing these specialties, we flexibly scope our outsourcing service corresponding to your needs.

③No binding to an infrastructure. On-demand scope, talents and infrastructure
Our strength comes from not by holding assets but by developing, accumulating and deploying know-how and knowledge. For example, we don't develop sourcing/purchasing systems, such as reverse auction or catalog purchasing tool. We are independent from any IT vendors and able to recommend the best fit solutions if necessary. As for professional staffs, we don't hold all of them internally but leverage independent contractors by procurement categories. We flexibly form a right team of talents to meet your needs and sourcing categories.

Thus, we don't charge any infrastructure cost, if you don't need it or you have your own. If you have build your infrastructure already, we design the best sourcing and procurement process, utilizing existing infrastructure.

④Provide both Residential and Non-residential service
Our flexibility allows to meet your requirement of both residential service, such as for focusing spend management, and non-residential service, such as for focusing strategic sourcing.

■ Service coverage and introduction steps

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement outsourcing service coverage and introduction steps

■ Success stories

Residential outsourcing of tele-marketing vendor consolidation and management for individual marketing campaigns for a global software client


Contact us from here or call +81-3-4500-1342 for launching or outsourcing strategic sourcing and purchasing function in Japan, or for our strategic sourcing and procurement outsourcing.

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