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Here are examples of our clients and projects by services.

■ Strategic Sourcing through Expressive Commerce TM

  • Held numbers of sourcing events for a leading beverage's supply chain management company. Examples of sourced items are corrugate, sugar and can, key items for bevarage companies
  • Assisted a global CPG(consumer packaged goods) manufacuterer for their global sourcing of plastic films and bags
Our client cases are available in Japanese. If you like to have client cases in English, please visit CombineNet's website.

*Expressive Commerce TM is a registered trademark of CombineNet, Inc.

■ Sourcing and Purchasing Process BPR

  • Assisted a global ERP package software company to establish tele-marketing vendor procurement and management process
  • Assisting a construction company to establish global sourcing capability
  • Supported a holding company of leading communication carriers to implement group purchasing among its group companies
  • Assisted a nation-wide cooperative associations to re-organize its 17 affiliated logistics companies

■ Strategic Sourcing Outsourcing

  • Managing tele-marketing management process for the global ERP package software company. As the result of their tele-marketing vendor procurement and management process BPR, the client has outsourced the process to us for better management
  • Supported a pharmaceutical company to source janitor serivices for its 5 factories, while training its buyer for his sourcing skills and knowledge

■ Localization of solutions, services and processes

  • As a business partner, we localized CombineNet's ASAP solution and services
  • Supporting the global ERP package software company to implement their global tele-marketing management process, while overcoming local realities
  • Mr. Nakanomori, founder and CEO of SSI had successfully implemented GE's risk management process to its newly acquired life insurance company. The life inusrance company was purchased by GE due to its financial turmoil. Mr. Nakanomori was awarded by both the company and GEFA, GE's holding company of insurance division for personal and team contributions to its risk management foundation

■ Assisting Japan market entry

  • As a business partner, developed a market entry strategy and assisting CombineNet for Japan market penetration
  • Taking a sales role for a Chinese procurement outsourcing company
  • Assisting a supply chain optimization company to penetrate in Japan market


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