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Company Profile

Trade Name:Samurai Sourcing, Inc.
Management:Founder & CEO Kay Nakanomori
Advisor Tetsuo Yamazaki
Address:4th Floor, Uni Kojimachi Building, 6-2-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0083 Japan
Foundation:December '07
Services:■ Strategic Sourcing through Expressive Commerce TM*
*Expressive Commerce TM is a registered trademark of CombineNet, Inc.
■ Sourcing and Purchasing process BPR
■ Strategic Sourcing Outsourcing
■ Localization of solutions, services and processes
■ Japan market entry support
History:Nov '07CombineNet, Inc. established a Japanese operation
Jul '07 Founded CombineNet, KK., an local entity for CombineNet's Japan operation
Dec '07 Founded Samurai Sourcing, Inc.(SSI)
Feb '08 Mr. Nakanomori, as a founder of SSI, was selected and graduated from 4th Entrepreneurship School held by Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)
May '08SSI partnered with CombineNet, Inc and succeeded of Japan and Korea operations, conducted by CombineNet, KK.
Sep '08SSI partnered with Infosourcing,Inc. and started selling "Sourcing Service Station", an cost-effective and specialized procurement SaaS solution with bidding and auction capability
Nov '08SSI started "Sourcing Strategy Improvement Opportunity Identification Service"
Dec '08SSI developed and started its green procurement services and solutions, which realze true "Green Management" uner "Business Desing with Lean and Green"
Jan '09SSI started "Strategic Sourcing from China" service, an outsourcing service for strategic sourcing from China

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